Freedom Farms Rhodesian Ridgebacks
as seen from NEW HARMONY, UTAH  
My Story

In 1976, while on a visit to my father's ranch in Southern California, I was given my first Rhodesian Ridgeback by my father's long-time friend, famous horse rider and actor Richard Farnsworth.  The 11-month old female, Princess, had just come from being spayed.  She had the yellowest looking eyes and it was like looking directly into the eyes of a lion.  I knew nothing of the breed, but found her to be fiercely loyal and very protective of my children.  She was wonderful with the horses and we spent many miles together on the trail.
In 1998, I had the opportunity to purchase a 16-week old show female, 
who grew up to become CH FREEDOM'S NALA BAHARI, ROM and Freedom's Foundation Bitch.  I have continued showing and breeding Ridgebacks
ever since that time.
My background with animals is raising and showing Arabian horses.  Structure, movement, and temperament are of the utmost importance.  I have always felt that "pretty" is the easiest part to add.  

The key to any good breeding is to start with the best stock you can find. Strong mothers are the main key to any successful breeding program.
After loosing her in a tragic accident at 5-1/2 years old, I chose not to 
get another Ridgeback, thinking I would always be comparing her or him
to Princess.  I just did not know that all of those wonderful traits and specialness that my first female had, are part of the Rhodesian Ridgeback's nature.  In the ensuing years there were other breeds of dogs, but none ever compared with that special Ridgeback. 
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