aka 'Imara'
From the first Imara has been a bold and exceptionally curious little girl, 
she is always the first one to investigate any sign of trouble or fun to be had. 

Big brother Jabari, and sister Anna are very patient with her rambunctiousness, and are always right behind her to make sure she can handle any situation she puts herself in. 

Imara loves to explore the desert surrounding our house always on the lookout for a jack rabbit to chase or a ravine to discover. She loves to go on rides with us and the horses, encouraging them on with great vocal enthusiasm, and is always in the lead to be the scout. 

At home she is a loving companion always making sure the grandchildren do not get out of line. While she was out on the show circuit she kept Juliet,her handler and best friend, always on her toes, but tried very hard to do her best at every show, she was a little show machine! 

We are very proud of her recent championship, but happier to have her at home sharing our beautiful home of St. George. Thank you Penny for our three kids, Jabari, Anna and Imara!
On Top of the World
CH – AKC Conformation Champion
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